Appropriate learning opportunities in small autism-specific classes

Experienced, committed nurturing staff in a calm, homely atmosphere

Positive approach to autism ensuring success & progress for each pupil

“You can’t put a price on our happiness now.” Parent


Pupils make outstanding progress both academically and in their personal development.

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Young people receive excellent care provided by a motivated, committed and nurturing staff team.

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The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding. Staff enable all pupils to engage in learning and achieve their personal goals.

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The Shires

The Shires offers an outstanding care and learning experience for pupils across the entire autism spectrum.

A place at The Shires will ensure progress and often exceeds expectations through its ethos of putting the child’s individual needs first. Pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible, learning appropriate skills whilst having as much fun as they can with trips and activities throughout their childhood and teens.

The ethos of The Shires is very much characterised by a ‘can do’ attitude.  Staff share the value of creating a home for children that is not institutionalised, and that reflects a family atmosphere.  Staff are experienced in supporting children with autism and understand how and when the environment needs to be adapted in order to maximise the potential of each individual.  Our approach is firmly based on a therapeutic model, supporting staff to help the youngsters make sense of the world in which they live.

The Shires is comprised of a range of small homes that are friendly, welcoming and comfortable: all of which are run by dedicated teams of committed and experienced staff who make care, nurture and happiness a priority for each child.


Safe, well, thriving and enjoying life

A personalised curriculum, a personalised care plan and achievable targets to help young people progress — that’s what The Shires represents.

George Alley, Head of School at Stretton, highlights the successes that The Shires have achieved in helping students go on to lead happy lives, saying: ‘We’re exceptionally proud — lots of our students have exceeded the expectations of any professionals that worked with them before.’

The importance of therapy as well as education is recognised, with many young people able to access the types and levels they need on a regular basis.

During understandably complex times, parents receive comprehensive and transparent communication about their child’s progress and wellbeing.

By providing the best possible support for students, The Shires community makes families’ lives easier — and ultimately happier.

Watch the video to learn more about the support, attention and care available at The Shires from our dedicated staff.

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