Our Approach to Education & Qualifications



We believe that every young person is an individual and we use a person-centred approach to ensure learning is tailored to meet their specific needs. From when they come to The Shires, our young people will work through a broad and balanced education linked to the appropriate stage of the curriculum, whether formal, semi-formal or pre-formal. Young people will work both in and outside of the classroom, and together we will identify the most appropriate accreditation pathway for each young person who attends our school, guiding them and supporting them to prepare for adulthood.


The Shires provides our young people with the opportunity to gain accreditation in core subject areas such as English and Maths. We support them to work towards accreditation in independent living skills and encourage accreditation in personalised curriculum areas linked to individual interests and skills. We offer vocational subject accreditation in Motor Mechanics, Animal Care and Horticulture, through partnerships with a variety of local providers. We also ensure that we work with the local community to offer work experience opportunities as part of our Careers and Employability Skills curriculum. On leaving The Shires, some young people will want to follow a Further Education pathway; others will focus on developing their skills towards independent living. Wherever their destination, we aim to make sure that they are confident and have the resources and skills to do so.

We are a school which believe that learning goes way beyond the four walls of the classroom. We work with the local community to maximise opportunities for the young people attending The Shires.