School Policies

The Shires at Stretton School Ofsted Report

The Shires at Oakham School Ofsted Inspection Report

Education: Accessibility Plan – Oakham

Education: Accessibility Plan – Stretton

Education: Admissions Policy

Education: Anti-Bullying Policy

Education: Careers and Employability

Education: Complaints Policy

Education: COVID-19 Recovery Curriculum Statement

Education: Curriculum Policy

Education: Exclusion policy

Education: Oakham School 2020-21 Academic Performance Statement

Education: Oakham School 2020-21 number of complaints received

Education: Oakham School – Pupil Premium+ 2020-21

Education: Peer On Peer Abuse – Policy and Guidance

Education: Positive Behaviour Support Policy

Education: PSHE – Careers, Employability Skills, Economic Understanding Policy

Education: PSHE inc. Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Education: Remote Learning Recovery Curriculum Statement 2020-21

Education: Safeguarding Policy The Shires Schools

Education: Stretton School 2020 -21 Academic Performance Statement

Education: Stretton School 2020-21 number of complaints received

Education: Stretton School – Pupil Premium+ 2020-21

Education: Teaching and Learning Policy (EAL)

Education: Teaching and Learning Policy supporting pupils with an EHCP

Education: Use of Restrictive Practices and Restraint Terms of Reference

First Aid Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Staying Safe Online Policy & Guidance 2021

2021-22 Term Dates

2022-23 Academic Calender

2022-23 Term Dates

Complaints Information

We take all complaints seriously. We have a full complaints policy and procedure which is available from the school office or for download above. Initial complaints should be made to the Principal via telephone on 01780 411 944 or via email to If the complaint is concerning the Principal please contact Graham Norris via e-mail to An appeals process is included in this policy.

During the academic year 2020/21 at the Shires Stretton and the Shires Oakham, there have been no complaints.